There are many stories and legends about the origins of this regal and majestic breed. However it is thought that the first Russian Blues, then called archangel cats, arrived in Britain about 1860 from Archangel (Arkhangelsk). This is a port situated near the mouth of the Dwina River on the White Sea in North West Russia.

Rumors suggest that Russian Blues are descendants of the Royal cats of the Tsars and favoured by Queen Victoria 1 of England.

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Grand Champion Tyana Prince Alexi
Grand Champion Barishka Prince Khazar
Brz Gd Ch Barishka Blue Sonya
Champion Barishka Blue Katusha
CCC of A Gld Gd Ch Tyana Princess Carinya
Grand Champion Barishka Princess Lucinda
Brz Gd Ch Katya Countess Sharenya


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The Girls